Are you and your learners suffering from digital fatigue?  Then it's time to rethink how you deliver online training.


A Better Way To Deliver Training

Leveraging our experience, and the features of the NovoEd Learning Platform we help consultants and independent trainers convert their existing training courses into more effective facilitated online training courses.  We host your courses on our platform in a co-operative approach and at the same time, you maintain your brand, and both the customer and billing relationships with your learners. The way in which your courses are presented will enable you to scale your businesses easier and also overcome the digital fatigue you and your customers are currently experiencing.  

Our Process for Consultants and Trainers

This is our five-step process to learning design which we use to create effective and engaging learning experiences that take place online, in the workplace, and in the real world.

Step 1: Understand your Learners.

Here we work closely with you to understand your goals before we focus on understanding your learners, and the existing training courses you are running. This is used as the basis for our design.

Step 2: Define Learning Objectives.

Here we consider the purpose or value of a course in supporting your goals for your learners. 

Step 3: Design Activities and Experiences.

Using the concept of project-based learning the learners must produce a deliverable that illustrates the mastery of the learning objectives. These are designed for real-world challenges.

Step 4: Support with Content.

We then make resources in the form of readings, video, audio, illustrations, and click-through interactive experiences available that support the learner with completing the assignment and activities. In this process step, we consider and curate the content you already have and also work with you to develop new content. 

Step 5: Deliver and Assess.

We then enable you through a train-the-trainer approach to facilitate the delivery of your own courses. No course design is ever perfect. While we do celebrate wise design choices you should also be open to feedback and here we use the feedback we get from the learners constantly update the course content to make it more effective.

Additional Resources

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