Lean Six Sigma Deployment Advisory Services

Why we do what we do

Our focus is on building capability and enabling all levels of your organisation to achieve an impactful and sustainable Lean Six Sigma Deployment.

How we do what we do

We build sustainable Lean Six Sigma Deployments by focussing our efforts on the following four building blocks. 

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Alignment, training and ongoing coaching to improve skills, abilities and confidence of leaders to engage and lead the LSS Deployment. 


Focused on the  CEO,  Executive Team, BU Leaders and Senior Managers.

Direct the development and implementation of a comprehensive change management plan in support of the LSS Deployment.


Focused on the entire organization.

This includes all of the policies, procedures, practices, tools and templates required to support the LSS Deployment.

Focused on HR, Finance, Communication, IT and Training Support

Develop your team members’ abilities to successfully identify, scope and execute process improvement projects using Lean and Six Sigma. We apply a project based training and coaching approach.

Focused on  Champions, Process Owners, Project Leads, and Team Members .

What does a deployment look like?

The majority of the deployment design and setup work takes place within the initial 6 months before the first round of champions, project leads, and team members are trained and supported to successfully close out a round of projects.  Ongoing support and coaching of the leadership team is essential to ensure sustainability of the deployment.

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How fast do you want to run?

The scope of the deployment will be determined by whether you want to do a company-wide deployment (full scale) or a phased deployment (bottom up) and also whether you decide to enable part time or full time project leads. 

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Our Experience


Our Advisory Team

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Salomon Erasmus is a certified LSS Master Black Belt and has 24 years of experience in Lean Six Sigma including 17 years as a Management Consultant and Trainer.  He was the founder and CEO of BMGI South Africa and is currently working on redefining online learning and development for Lean Six Sigma at Lacuna Education.

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Ginty Chalk has more than 20 years of experience, consulted in over 40 organizations globally in training, facilitation, change management, leadership development & instructional design.  Ginty's current focus in changing the way we train, facilitate, and engage teams both virtually & face-to-face through experiential methodologies.

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Need Advice?

If you need assistance with getting your existing LSS Deployment on track or if you need help with executing a large-scale LSS Deployment then contact us today.